Treatment Packages

You love your car and want it to look it's best.  I share this passion, and within this page you'll get an insight into the level of care you can expect if you choose to have your car detailed by me.

Each car I work on goes through numerous meticulous processes until I'm 100% happy with the finished result.  This can take anywhere from 10 to 40+ hours due to the extremely in depth nature and obsessive attention to detail that is involved.  As well as this only the highest quality products and materials are used and because I don't endorse any specific brands I simply select whichever I consider to be the best on the market for the specific requirements of your car, regardless of the cost.

All work is done solely by myself which means I can guarantee consistently high standards time after time.  The results will speak for themselves, and the positive effect it can have on the residual value of your car cannot be underestimated. 

Attention to detail is my strong point and no areas of the car are neglected. The engine bay is no exception to this and each car I prepare benefits from a full engine bay detail leaving it sparkling clean and looking like new again. A clean engine bay not only looks stunning but can add value to your car and make any future maintenance easier.

Photo of cleaned engine.Photo of cleaned engine.

Wheels are thouroughly cleaned.




Thoroughly cleaned wheels can make a huge difference to the appearance of a car and I put a lot of time and effort in to them. Often this involves them being removed to get them spotlessly clean front and back before applying a sealant to add vital protection from the elements and prevent future corrosion.

Interior is cleaned and leather conditioned.





All interiors are cared for too, this includes leather interiors which are cleaned and conditioned leaving them like new again.

Below is a list of the treatment packages I have to offer. If you are unsure which is best suited for you, I can view your car and provide free, no obligation advice on which treatment would benefit your vehicle the most.

Protection Detail - Prices from £140 - 1 to 2 Day Appointment

The aim of a protection detail is to clean and protect all exterior and interior surfaces of the car.

Firstly the car goes through a rigorous wash and decontamination process to leave all surfaces squeaky clean. This includes the engine bay.

After blow drying the car, paintwork is cleansed to enhance gloss and provide a base for the sealant or wax which provides important protection from the elements and further enhances the appearance.

Wheels are sealed, glass is cleaned and a glass sealant applied which will repel water and improve visibility in wet conditions.

The engine bay is completed by dressing all plastics and rubbers, and inner paintwork, stainless steel and chrome components are polished and sealed.

The finishing touches are then carried out these include dressing the tyres, plastic trim and rubbers, and polishing the exhaust tips.

The interior is then vacuumed before all surfaces are cleaned and dressed. All leather interiors are also cleaned and conditioned.

Enhancement Detail - Prices from £200 - 2 to 3 Day Appointment

An Enhancement detail consists of exactly the same process as the Protection Detail described above, but with the added benefit of a single stage machine polish.

This is done with a carefully selected polish and pad combination tailored to the paint type of your car and is designed to remove any minor paint defects and greatly enhance surface gloss.

Correction Detail - Prices from £260 - 3 to 5 Day Appointment

Paint Correction Detail Example

This is a before and after photo of a BMW car door which had been subject to poor washing techniques. The left side shows the paint defects present in the form of heavy swirls and scratches which dull the finish, and the right side shows the results that can be achieved with a paint correction treatment.

A correction detail consists of exactly the same process as the above Protection detail but with the added benefit of a multi-stage machine polish designed to remove major paint defects such as swirl marks and light scratches.

The main cause of paint defects like these are the use of automatic car washes and generally poor washing and drying techniques. This results in the surface of the clear coat becoming scratched and dull, robbing the paint of its true clarity and shine.

The correction process consists of hours of machine polishing to remove a micro thin layer from the surface of the clear coat and reveal a fresh layer of perfect unblemished paint.

Special paint thickness gauges are used to take detailed readings from every panel of the car throughout the process to ensure this can be done safely and various light sources are used to highlight any defects.

This is a time consuming process but produces simply amazing results which can only be achieved by using the right products, proper techniques and lots of patience!

Maintenance Detail - Prices from £50 - Half Day Appointment

This treatment is designed to clean all exterior surfaces and top up any protection which was applied during one of our more intensive details. As a consequence this treatment is only available to existing customers which have had at least a protection detail carried out on their car within the last 4 months. This service can also be carried out at the customers home if preferred, providing the required facilities are available.

Maintenance Plans

Busy lifestyle?  Why not have your car cared for all year round with a maintenance plan tailored to your personal requirements. discounts are available for customers who choose this service along with the option of paying by fixed monthly instalments. Please contact me for more information.